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        Interactive Digital Real Estate Contracts
Real Time Contracts, just email the contracts once, make changes and the changes will reflect to your client instantly
Sign Contracts online, give the option to your clients to sign online just with the mouse
No files to be sent (pdf, etc.)
No need to print or fax Contracts or Disclosures
Upload and keep all other documents related to a transaction
Order O&E and Title electronically
Managing Broker can view all agents Contracts at any time
Contracts & Management tool with eCalendar and email deadline reminders
Web Application: Access your Contracts, Client Database and Documents from anywhere at any time
You are Not Alone. Excellent Customer Support 7 days a week.    M-F: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM    S-S: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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Electronic Signature:
Contracts and Disclosures can be signed online with just the mouse.
 Patents Pending
Client Database:
Manage your Client Database, create Notes with email-reminders, Labels and Custom Letters.
Document Management:
Upload and store all transaction documents in one place.
Sign PDF Documents with eContracts Signature Technology:   Patents Pending
You can Upload PDF documents and sign them with eContracts Signature technology.
Email real time electronic calendar to your clients and they can view transaction status at any time.
Client Access:
Allow sellers, buyers and other participants to access complete transaction(s) information from one single screen. The type of access per transaction can also be customized.
Custom Addendum:
Make your own electronic Custom Addendums with Web Signature that are Interactive.
Clause Library:
Create your clause library and insert them into the contracts with just one click.
Interactive Digital Contracts:
Become more efficient when you can simultaneously interact with all participants in the transaction by completing contracts online.

CTM Software Technology
Patents Pending
Order Title Electronically:
Just with a click order title work. No need to fax or email your contracts. Receive title docs in your CTM eContracts account.
Mobile Devices:
You can use eContracts with mobile devices and you can also sign eContracts without having to download and install an App.
Team Member Access:
Allow team members, assistants or TC to access your Contracts.
Assign Transaction:
Allow agents or TCs to access one particular transactions.
Deadline Tracking and Reminders:
Receive deadline reminders by email before the due date. Agents can also receive deadlines by automatically synchronize their personal Outlook, Gmail, iCalendar.
Auto Dating Deadlines:
Check for Weekends & Holidays automatically before inserting the dates into the contract. Create and save your own Auto Dating Templates for different closing scenarios.
No more faxing back and forth !    No software installation required.
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