Refund Policy

CTM eContracts Pricing
CTM eContracts Annual Subscriptions Include:
  •  24/7 instant online access from anywhere
  •  Unlimited access
  •  Free Software upgrades
  •  Free technical support 7 days a week  (M-F:  8:00 AM - 8:00PM  /  S-S:  8:30AM - 5:30 PM)
  •  30 Day Free Trial (for new accounts only)
All Licenses are a 1 Year Subscription

   REALTOR® Single License:
For REALTORS who are new or who are renewing CTMeContracts users.
   You have the option to pay the entire $312 up front for the whole year, or $28 per month.

  $ 312  Per Year/Per User
  $ 28  Per Month

  REALTOR® Company License:
  With as little as 4 agents from your company, we can implement a company license.
  May be existing CTMeContracts users.
  Features Include:
  *Managing Broker and Office Admin can view all agents Contracts and Documents at any time.
  *Managing Broker and Office Admin can Add and Inactivate agents.
  *Managing Broker and Office Admin can add Clauses and Contract Templates to their library for the
    entire company to use.
  *CTMeContracts will schedule trainings specifically for your office.
  *Note: One time Broker Company Implementation Fee of $ 75.00 to be paid by the employing broker at the time
    of signing the Broker License Agreement.
  *Broker License requires a minimum of 4 licenses.
  Payment: Option A
  Paid by each individual agent.
  (Broker Company is not liable for agent's
  *Note: If you choose Option A, the agent will need to
    choose what amount they want to pay when
    the payment screen appears on their account.

  Payment: Option B
  Paid by the Broker Company.

  Full Year Payment Up Front:
  $ 300  Per Year/Per User

  (Single Payment Discount)
  Monthly Payment Option:
  $ 28  Per Month/Per User

  NON REALTOR® Single License:
  $ 360  Per Year/Per User
  $ 30  Per Month

  NON REALTOR® Company License:
  $ 348  Per Year/Per User
  $ 30  Per Month

If you have any questions, please contact our sales department at:
Ph: 303-233-1918

                                                   (prices subject to change without notice)

CTM eContracts Software License Agreement is for ONE USER per account, you can NOT have more than one user using your account. If you work with other users or you are part of a team of agents, each agent must sign up and get their own license (account).
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