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Sign PDF Documents with eContracts Signature Technology
This feature allows you to sign PDF documents with eContracts mouse signature technology.
You can also type your name and select your signature font.

There is no need to purchase any hardware.

Participants in the transaction can easily sign documents with a Mouse, Digital Pen, Signature Pad, Tablet Pencil, Tablet PC, Graphics Tablet and mobile devices.

Mobile Devices:
CTM Web Signature technology works with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other mobile devices
without the need of having to download and install an App.





The Colorado Real Estate Commission indicates that electronic signatures are legitimate as long as the parties agree to receive an electronic signature.

How its works:            Watch Video

The illustration below shows how the participants in the transaction can sign the contracts.
 Print Preview Signing Area:             Play                

Mobile Devices: Sign eContracts with your finger!

First of all, CTM Web Signature must be enabled and it can be enabled independently for every contract in which signatures are required.

Agents can email the contracts to be sign or initial online. Participants in the transaction can easily sign or initial the contract with the mouse, tablet pencil, tablet pc, etc.

After the participant signed and click save, a confirmation window will appear asking to Accept or Decline the signature.
Once accepted, the signature will be embedded into the contract and the contracts will be LOCKED, nothing in the contract can be modified.

eSignature File:
Agents can upload or create their eSignature File, which can be added to new contracts to be created.

Signature Notification:
The agent will receive an email every time a contract is signed indicating signer name, document name, property address and date-time of the signature.


The web signature feature is disabled by default when creating a new contract. Contracts can be signed in the conventional way and /or with CTM Web Signature.

Benefits of Using CTM Web Signature:
Integrates seamlessly into your environment.
Allows you to control and maintain the "look and feel" of existing contracts by providing branded contracts.
Eliminates paper completely from the process.
Speeds up the process of signing contract.
Eliminates faxes back and forth.
Contracts are transmitted electronically.
Legal Aspects of Electronic Signature Capture
Since the Electronic Signature in Global Commerce Act (the E-Sign Law) and UETA laws (Uniform Electronic Transaction Act) passed, giving legal validity to electronic signatures and document. Many organizations representing many different industries, have replaced the live wet ink signature with electronic ones. While these laws, in conjunction with updated rules of evidence laws, have made electronic signatures legally enforceable, there are instances where their acceptability is process-governed, and/or where their legal enforceability is dependent upon the process used.
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