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Deadlines Monitoring
CTM eContracts will notify you of all overdue deadlines Visual indication of current and past due events. The main dashboard and calendar are automatically updated to show any overdue deadlines.
CTM eContracts saves you time by automatically tracking all contract deadlines for each transaction.

When a "contract to buy and sell" is created, the system automatically keeps track of all your contract deadlines. This feature is also available for Listing Contracts.

Auto Deadline Notification: Receive automatic e-mail deadline notifications that can be customized for a specific delivery date.

Outlook, Google or ical:
Agents can also receive deadlines by automatically synchronize their personal Outlook, Gmail, iCalendar using the eContracts Outlook Plug-in or the eContracts Google Synchronization feature.

Convert (MEC/SSA) to calendar dates: This feature allows you to convert the MEC or SSA dates into calendar dates for all the deadlines.

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