CTMeContracts Product Information & Benefits
Web Based Real Estate Contracts
It is important to understand that these are real electronic contracts which have unique and important benefits. No software installation or pdf conversion is required! Just access your contracts online from anywhere at any time.
Email Real Time Electronic Contracts
Email your contracts once, even if there are changes, there is no need to email them again. This means that any changes made on the contracts, at any time, will be automatically updated in the email that you sent.
Electronic Signatures
All parties can sign documents online, using a mouse. This eliminates faxing back and forth, having to mail contracts, or driving to a client’s house to obtain signatures. All transactions are done without faxes or paper contracts. Having to decipher a blurry faxed copy is a thing of the past.
Real-Time Data
Sharing real-time contracts (and data) simultaneously and seamlessly with all parties to the transaction.
Sellers, buyers, and agents can complete documents online and, at the same time, agents and members of their staff can view and assist their clients during each step of a transaction.
Contract Deadlines Monitoring and Tracking
The system will automatically monitor the progress of a transaction and will notify agents of key events and deadlines that are coming due, as well as other personal and customized tasks.
Broker Management Access
Broker management staff can access contracts and transaction status for any agent, at any time.
Ordering Title & OE Electronically
Agents can easily order title work without having to fax or email contracts, and the title companies in the CTM network can automatically deliver title documents in their accounts.
Team Member Access
Agents and managers can share files efficiently and securely.
Integrated Client Database
Offers a powerful client management database and marketing tools integrated with your contracts.
Single Point of Data Entry
Data input is done only once, avoiding redundancy and possible mistakes. Document Management: Agents can consolidate and upload all documents related to a transaction.
Document Management
Combine eContracts and other document formats (pdf, doc, etc.) in a single location, allowing agents and transaction coordinators to view or email documents to participants in the transaction.
Create Templates or Copy Contracts
The system allows you to create a template as a master document and create new contracts based on the template information. It also allows users to copy contracts.
Standard Features
Full Report: It displays full transaction information: eContracts, uploaded PDFs, Contracts Deadlines, Log Notes, etc.

Spell check: with personal dictionary.
Automatic Updates: CTM eContracts are automatically updated to keep you in compliance with the latest forms and contracts. There is no need to download updates!
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